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Meet: Nomtandazo

This is a story about a young woman, how has overcome hardship and pain and if you are looking for inspiration and courage about a bright future made possible by vision, this is it!

Nomtandazo, Nomti in short, grew up in a village called T.V near Kabokweni, in Mpumalanga South Africa. She is one of seven children.
Raised by a very dynamic woman, her Mother, Maria, took care of all the children, feeding them and clothing them and teaching them the values of education and self-worth. Helping them to realise any dream is possible with a little hard work. All this whilst only having a single income working as a domestic worker!
Growing up, Nomti loved herding cattle with the boys, running after the goats and farming! Her Dad was a Farmer for many years, and the love of animals and being outdoors came naturally to her, but in her heart there was always a dream of becoming a nurse!

At the age of 12, Nomti’s mother became very ill, and was declared unfit for work. Her two eldest sibling left school and started working to help feed the family. In this time Nomti started working during school holidays at one of the EatReal.Todat suppliers, learning about packing and labeling products as well as the process of food production as a whole. She still remembers the joy she felt being able to differentiate the different kinds of peanuts.
After school she continued to work and save money towards her education and in 2012 she was accepted to study a nursing course.  She did a Basic Ambulance Course and in 2014 graduated as a Professional Nurse, all with the support of her employer, family and friends.

She left the food industry to work for a non-government organization, Agriaid SA and help to take care of their mother.
Her Father passed away, leaving the farm and his love of agriculture behind. Nomti was sad and conflicted about what to do in the this time!
She decided to go back to the people that supported her journey and understood the industry from farm to fork. Working with the M.D., Nomti was able to join in a venture that is not only changing her future, but also the future of the local community and their families.

The Peeble Hills project, is focused on the macadamia industry, and in the next 5 years sees the development of 100 hectares of macadamia trees. The employment of 30 staff members and an estimate production of XXX tones per season.
Whilst the farm is being prepared, Nomti continues her love for nursing. Currently new macadamia trees are being grown in the new nursery established for the project, water rights and impact studies are all in gear and de-bushing and clearing of the area will soon start.

“ I have always loved the people and the openness of the relationships. The “Future Me” project is surly changing the future, not only mine, but those of the communities that need it most. My excitement for the future and this project is beyond this world and I am so glad that I can be part of the change.”
We are so glad Nomti are part of our team again, with her big heart and open mind it is easy to see why she is loved by all her old collogues, we can’t wait to see all the success Nomti will achieve on this journey!

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