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Freeze-dried VS Sundried

Freeze-dried VS Sundried

We are in a technological era, and just as much as technology in our daily lives has changed, so much so has it changed in the way we work with food.

Here is a quick read on the difference between sundried and freeze dried fruit, and the amazing difference it is bringing to our food industry.

Drying fruit is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. According to the first European settlers in America often ate dried fruit, vegetables and meats to survive.  The only way to dry food back then was sun drying (dehydrate) it.

Today we are more aware of freeze-dried fruit, but what is the difference?

1.    The drying process:
The traditional way of drying fruit it typically to apply heat to fruit, to facilitate the evaporation of the moisture from it. Freeze drying fruit involves a low-temperature dehydration process. This is freezing a product, lowering the pressure and then removing the ice (moisture particles) by sublimation. Freezing temperatures are between  -50C and -80C. Sublimation is the process by which the ice crystals evaporate into the air and are captured in a vacuum like system. (What a mouth full).

2.    Shelf life:
Freeze dried fruit can lose between 98 – 99 percent moisture, making it possible to have a shelf life of more than 20 years.  Dried fruit can lose between 90 – 95 percent moisture, giving it a shelf life of more than 10 years, due to the moisture that is left in the product. The more moisture left, the less the shelf life expectancy of a product.

3.    Texture:
Freeze dried fruit have a lighter, crispier texture, and can be ground into a powder while sundried fruit are chewier and more fibrous. Depending on your pallet and what you are baking or making, both freeze-dried and dried fruit has a specific place and role to play.

4.    Nutritional values:
Freeze dried fruit maintains more of its nutritional value, compared to traditionally dried fruits, but both have a place in a balanced diet.

5.    Appearance:
The biggest difference between dried fruit and freeze-dried fruit is how they look. Most people know how dried raspberries look, but not how freeze dried raspberries look.

The differences between dried fruit and freeze-dried fruit are noticeable, but what will determine what you buy in the end is your personal preference. Freeze dried fruit are a bit more expensive but worth it. Try it, you may actually like it.

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